Blue Whale House Contact & Map

Photo above is rural scene on the way to Dillon Beach.


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blue whale house dillon beach



We’re 65 miles north of San Francisco. Just 20 miles due west of Petaluma.

1. From Highway 101 in Petaluma take the Washington Street exit and go west. Continuing west the road becomes Bodega Avenue.

2. About 10 miles out of Petaluma, at Two Rock, turn left on to Tomales-Petaluma Road (there is a left hand turn pocket and center divide). Watch for the signs to Tomales, Two Rock Coast Guard Training Center, and Dillon Beach. DO NOT turn at the first left turn lane without the center divide because that will take you back to Petaluma!

3. You will arrive at a “T” intersection which is Highway 1. Turn right and follow that a short distance to Dillon Beach Road

4. Turn onto Dillon Beach Road (between General Store and the Continental Inn). Keep heading west 4 miles to Dillon Beach.

5. Turn right at Park Ave and go one block to 35 Park Ave, on the south west corner of Park Ave and North St.